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Not a lot to update, recently did a music video for a new and upcoming country artist.  Can't release details just yet, but it should be out soon.  Coming later this year a short film I am in called Recaptured, I play a Doctor in the film.  We had originally shot this in February and March of this year, then the director was able to secure a better set location for our lab scenes and we re-shot the film.   

2018 has been a very difficult year for me personally and I have had to take much of the year off from working.  In February, my brother Joey was diagnosed with a Gliobastoma Multiforme Brain Tumor and my life has not been the same since.  Joey was given 3-6 months to live after he had surgery to remove what they could of the tumor.  He went through radiation and chemo, but the tumor kept growing.  At the end of April, we decided to let him have his remaining days doing the things he wanted to do.  If you watched our families reality show, then you know Joey was real outdoorsy guy-fishing, hunting, camping were just some of his favorite things to do.  And he did, even on hospice care, Joey was able to go fishing, go camping, and most importantly spending a lot of time with friends.  On July 27th, my brother passed away.  Joey was always a great supporter of my acting career and as time passes, I certainly hope to do him proud once again.

While the year has been a rough one so far, I was able to do a couple of projects.  I was part of the shoot for the music video Acappela by Morgan Myles, I am just a blip in the final cut, but it was still a fun shoot.  Also, the same day we found out about my brothers tumor, I was cast in a short film called Recaptured, due out in December.   We actually shot this film twice, once a more high tech set became available.  The film should be out in December.

New Year, new headshots and lets hope a lot of new opportunities this year.  Thanks once again to the very talented Erin Ivie for the latest headshots.
Coming in 2018 I am in a funny short film directed by award winning director  Cameron McCasland.  The film is titled Retrieval Service and I play the Funeral Director.  It was a real scream filming in an actual funeral home.

Look for me on an episode of Murder Comes to Town, which  airs on the ID Discovery Channel.  I played the Lead Detective in the case.  This airs in reruns, so check the listings for the next air date.  The episode is called "Whose Missing Now"

Several other projects this fall have kept me busy.  Did a photo shoot in Nashville for Lifeway, as the Apostle Paul.  Did a piece for a very popular historic tourist destination in Nashville, playing an historical figure  and I finally got to be in the STAGE production of The Rocky Horror Show, as Dr. Scott.

BREAKING NEWS:  OUT OF THE BASEMENT NOW ONLINE TO WATCH!  The award winning short film I am one of the leads of is now available to watch online for free!  I play Edgar Carol, the "creepy" landlord.  Watch it free online at

Concluded 2nd annual The Alhambre Theatre Film Festival, where I am the Artistic Director.  We had a fantastic festival this year, with filmmakers in from all around the country.  71 films from 17 different countries.  Sundance winners, BAFTA winners, Slamdance winners and several world premieres.  TATFF is going to be one of the biggest film festivals in the world soon.  Working on the 3rd on now.  TATFF 2017 is April 6-9.

Now that the festival is over, working on a few projects I can't announce publicly just yet.  More information soon.

Soon I will be starting filming on Power Rangers: Zenith.  I will be playing Zordon and will be updating with more information as we begin filming.

Check out the Reelz channel for your chance to watch my episode of Snapped: Killer Couples!  It pops up on a Friday every now and then.

Common Outlaws (formerly called "Green River Road: An Outlaws Tale")  

And "Out of the Shadows" is now available to watch online!  Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 1 made the debut on his popular webcast.  

The infomercial I filmed with The Lettermen is now playing on TV stations around the country.  It's for Time Life's "Legendary Voices" CD Collection.   I have a front row seat in this and it was a great time.  I even got my Mom in on the act that day.  For a preview visit

Airing again is "Killer Couples  Tiffany Cole and Michael Jackson (206)" which airs on the Oxygen Network.    Snapped: Killer Couples is also available On Demand on some cable providers.   For a quick look check out the minisode.    It is also available through iTunes.   

"The Business of Dying".   I play the casket salesman.  It may be about death, but it is certainly funny.  This was filmed in Tennessee and was really a fun shoot, considering we were in a real funeral home.  For a quick peek at my role, click here to see on my IMDb page

Still in production for an online advertising campaign for Reloxe, which is a hair growth supplement.  Fun shoots so far and the rest of the project was given a go by the company.   These are now appearing on the Reloxe Facebook page.


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